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I love it. I feel like it’s a Godsend, because people don’t have to help. They’re not obligated to help. Any assistance for families in need is helpful. The help to the heroin addicts is amazing. To get folk off the streets.

Erica Hines and Loretta Thomas
- Flourish Grant Recipients


I appreciate it. I really needed it. It’s going to help a lot. The neighborhood down. We don’t have no stores…Crime. The shooting, the killing. I’m from the county so in my day we didn’t have all that. In order to improve we need some stores here. We need some things for the kids to do.

Michael Shepard
- Flourish Grant Recipient


The diapers have worked out great during my time of need. Cause diapers are high. And I am buying diapers for two kids and I really need it. [The diapers] came on time. I have also received my furniture and it looks beautiful in my living room.

Asia Wilson
- Diaper Bank and Flourish Grant Recipient

community responses to our family assistance:


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We have free diapers and flowkits (feminine items) from the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. Please stop by our office at 8005 North Broadway Avenue in Baden. We have diapers from sizes Newborn-6. 

Baby and Teddy
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Mental Health Matters

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We're always on the lookout for new and better ways to become healthier and stronger. It starts with understanding how important it is to choose the right lifestyle for you and continues with creating a routine that benefits your mind and body. I’m here to help you boost your well-being and remind you how incredible it is to feel at your best, every single day. Join us on a journey of health and wellness and start taking care of what’s truly important.

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Stop by and speak with our Health Educator for health, fitness, and weight loss tips!

Kim Jones

Yoga Accessories
Healthy Salad
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