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“I have been working for Living With Purpose for 4 years and this has been one of the best jobs that I have held in a long time. When I obtained the position as house manager, I didn’t know what was in store for me. I knew I could handle whatever was going to be thrown at me because of past experiences but I didn’t know I was walking into a company that would be so welcoming and treat me as family. I didn’t know I would be treated with so much compassion, respect and love. Living With Purpose really lives up to its name and I know that I have a purpose when I come to work. I love what I do. I will not only continue to live with a purpose, but I will continue to work with a purpose to help out those who can’t help themselves."

LaJoyce (House Manager)


“I have overcome many obstacles in my lifetime and since I have been with Living With Purpose I have never been happier and more grateful for my beloved mentor and host home provider. I get to do things that I truly enjoy like shopping, getting my nails done, going to church and trying out new hairstyles that make me feel beautiful. I still have some days where I struggle emotionally but I know I have so much support around me that I will get through it. I encourage anyone with a disability that you can do it as long as you walk by faith!”

Hortense (Consumer)

“I enjoy being with my staff because I know that they all care about me. Everyone in the company makes me happy, they keep me safe and they protect me, I always have someone to talk to and I have a lot of fun with my staff.”

Ashley (Consumer)


"Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop." Dorothy Height

Provider Fair Staff and table pic.jpeg

Living with Purpose at the DDRB Provider Fair

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